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Mission and Vision


Our Mission :

Fellowship Christian Academy exists to educate students in a Christ-centered atmosphere growing their faith, knowledge and character while equipping students and families to contribute to the greater good of the community through the spreading of the Gospel.

Our Vision :

Fellowship Christian Academy will become the most sought-after institution for Christian education in Moore County by providing Biblically-sound and affordable instruction, a strong, God-centered and family-oriented atmosphere and a Christ loving staff. 

Our Commitment :

 While FCA continues to grow we will strive to remain committed to the following principles for our institution:


  • Maintain the tenets of the Christian faith in instruction.

  • Raise up champions for Christ and future community leaders through social and academic excellence.

  • Providing a challenging yet joyful atmosphere for students, families and staff.

  • Providing accredited, Christ-centered curriculum and exceptional instruction in the classroom where teachers working to support the parents through help, hope and love.

  • FCA will grow only to meet community demand while making quality of education the top priority.

  • Continue to follow God as He leads us and makes a way for FCA and it’s Eagles to soar!

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